Nusaybin is the home of masters who creats extraordinary art with extraordinary works and theree dimensional stone embroidery in Mor Yakup. gırnavaz is a district that will enlight the unknowns in history. Nusaybing glanzing at Zeynel Abidin, combined with beauties addition to ıts historical richness is like a green caret of the plain.

According to the Population Census of 2000, the population of the central district is 81,899. 36, 718 people live in its towns and villages. 69 percent of the population live in towns.

There are four municipalities in the district: Central Municipality, Akarsu, Duruca and Girmeli.
Irrigated by the waters of Çağ Çağ stream, cotton and cereals culture are important. The district has also fine recreational places.
Another feature of Nusaybin is its oil reserves. It has also a rich trade potential as a town on the Syrian border


Aydinlar Facilities
Rooms and Beds : 31 Rooms, 67 Beds, 3 Suit
Food-drink : 250 Closed, 100 Open
Fax : +90 482 415 3663
Fax : +90 482 415 1925
Address : İpek Yolu Üzeri Şehir Girişi Nusaybin/Mardin Turkey
Web : http://www.aydinlartesisleri.com.tr


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