Information about our school

Centre for Bilingual Pupils (Centrum för tvåspråkighet) is a supplementary school. We teach 43 languages and are 100 teachers. There are mother tongue teachers, Swedish as a second language teachers, math and English teachers.

Here you can see Sabhia, our math teacher, with a group of students.

We have two different approaches – Introduction Groups for newly arrived pupils you can say that we are an inclusive host.
The groups are included in three mainstream schools:

  • Bjurhovda
  • Skiljebo
  • St Ilian

The students that are involved in this project have St Ilian as a host school. Here is a link the their web-site (in Swedish – sorry for that :()

We think that these kinds of groups are better instead to attend regular education when you arrive to Sweden because:

We are able to offer:
Teaching in small groups, Specialist teachers, Secure environment at a vulnerable time and Classmates to identify with (all in the same boat)

The subjects that we teach to these students are:
Swedish as a second language, Mathematics, English from 4th grade, Social Studies and General Science and Music and Art.

During the time in the introduction group the students also have Mother Tongue Tutoring:
It means that the students have a tutor with same mother tongue for study support and to follow up classwork. The tutor visits the student 80 minutes per week.

We also give feedback to the students’ mainstream school. 2 times per term the IDG teacher write an academic progress report which is based on the European Language Portfolio. We have grades these as: F-1 (6-7 years); 2-3 (8-9 years); 4-5 (10-11 years); 6-7 (12-13 years) and 8-9 (14-15 years).

Mother tongue lessons

Centrum för tvåspråkighet organizes mother tongue lessons for students from six years, and starting school until the end year nine.

When the student attends high school, he/she can continue study there mother tongue, but in that case the head teacher at the school “order” these lessons from us.

We organize mother tongue lessons during school hours at nine schools in the city. Still, most of the mother tongue education located in the afternoons after regular school ended.

Some groups have their lessons at our office at Munkgatan 9, which is located in the city center of Västerås.

The students that attend these lessons get grades from the 6th class.
We have teachers that teaches over 40 languages.

Here you can see our staff:

We looking forward to meet all of you in May 2013!!


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