Information about our school

Information about the school

The school was created in 2005 and in the course 2007-2008 the lessons started in the new building. It’s a double line school (two classrooms of each level) from kindergarden to primary education. It has three levels in kindergarden ( P3, P4, and  P5) and six levels for primary (from 1st to 6th grade).

Currently it has 430 students and 26 teachers and a half. It counts also with some other professionals that helps us in our tasks such as physicians, psichologists or TEI (support for kindergarden).

In the building itself we counts with our own kitchen where the cook and his team prepare meals for those kids who stay in the school between lessons and also for the teachers that stay in the school at midday.

The lessons in our school are scheduled like this:

mornings:  from 8,30 to 12 hours
afternoon: from 15 to 16,30 hours

The AMPA (Asociation of parents) are in charge of the extra activities that take place every day after lessons (from 16,30h to 18,30). These activities are such are karate, football, baketball, skating, or chess.

We are a green school, which means we are environmental friendly. We have a campaign of healthy breakfasts to increase awareness of its importance. We recycle and even our plyayground bins are painted in colours so we teach them how to throw away rubish depending on its origin from a very young age. We have pupil’s in charge of assessment to the rest of the kids (we call them asesors verds – green advisers). We also have other campaigns inside this program related to mental welfare, physical welfare, and so on).

We have another program to teach children to solve their own problems speaking. They have places all over the school called “racons de parlar” (speaking corners) where they have written the steps they have to follow in order to remind them how to do it.

We give a lot of importance to “tutorias” and “asambleas” ( tutorship and general assembly) where we use different activities and strategies to solve problems and also to learn a better way to communicate, help each other and build up understanding.

We work half with books and half with projects that are always chosen by the children. In the kindergarden they don’t have books and materials are made by their teachers. We have working sessions so-called “ambients” in kindergarden and the first two courses of primary (“ambients de joc” and “ambients d’aprenentatge”) as a learning strategies. In the rest of primary we work in “tallers”. Once here you will see exactly what are they, I think you will understand them better.

This year we also start arts and crafts as a CLIC project.

I let you here some pictures of the school

(the headmistress and one of our teachers when they received the green school plaque)

(view from the school)

(view from school)

(an activity for our national festivity of saint Jordi, the saint patron of Catalonia)

(a pic of the activity we did for last 26th September, the European day of languages)

They are supposed to be your languages and my students saying hello to yours in all the languages of our comenius project. Hope they are all correct. They searched for them and build them up. I let you here a link to the English blog

Here is the link to the blog of the school (it’s all in Catalan except the English blocs that are both in English and Catalan)

And to finish, a link to the lipdub our school made 3 years ago to wish a merry xmas to all the school community


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