Cities in slovakia


This town is located in western Slovakia, in the Trnava region . This city is one of the largest spa towns. Warmest water is from 35-68 degrees. This city can be called as a spa town. Treated here mainly rheumatic disease . Pieštany are major regional center of culture, education, sport and recreation. There is a dry and warm climate. In 19th century the spa change a lot .



Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia. Located in Bratislava Region.most populous and largest city of Slovakia.In Bratislava is situated President , Parliament, ministries. There are many schools and universities, colleges, theaters and museums.Before World War II in Bratislava spoke three languages: German, Hungarian and Slovak. In Bratislava, there are many monuments mainly located in the Old Town. There is big castle, which have four towers. Other names for Bratislava are Blava or Presporok (it has been used in the past).
It has an area of 367.584 km ², living here 465 327 people. In Bratislava are the three rivers : Dunaj,Malý Dunaj,Morava. Near Bratislava is Czech republic, Hungary and Austria. Bratislava is located in the temperate climate.



Žilina is located in Žilina region and in the northwest of Slovakia. Here live 84 295 people.A population is the fourth largest city in Slovakia. There are three rivers: Váh,Kysuca,Rajčianka. Váh is the longest river in Slovakia.
In the town is built Vodné Dielo žilina. In the summer we can here measured up to 33-27 degrees. Most important school in Žilina is žilinská univerzita, which have seven faculties.
There is something for artists. Here is Konzervatórium . On this conservatory you can learn to sing .



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