Information about our project

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Information

During 2012-2014 five schools from Sweden, Poland, Catalonia, Slovakia and Turkey, are working together in a project called: “The secret power media”

The students in each country will work together and also have the opportunity to visit each other during the project.

We expect a great cooperation and participation of the schools in the activities in this project. This will result in improved language skills, cooperation skills and intercultural skills for all participating members, teachers, students, managers, parents.

In addition to these expected results, our goal is to use the secret power media to build a strong organization by the activities we arranged. As far as students are concerned, they should improve their communication skills, their skills in working together and to make a detailed study of cultures, foreign language, mother tongue, etc. in partner schools. They will broaden their knowledge of the participating countries: geography, history, ecology, politics, religion, traditions and cooking.